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Go out with your spouse to that event where you may meet other couples, even if it's tempting to tell yourself you'd rather not inconvenience your mom by asking her to watch the kids.Do what you can to free up time for yourself in other parts of your life.

Here are my thoughts on making friends when you're married, or in a relationship that's essentially the same as being hitched.

I don't think there's any particular trick to making it easier though. Keeping in mind that it mostly just comes down to meeting enough prospects, here are a few things that may make the process slightly easier: I discuss this issue in more depth in this article.

Basically if you and your spouse differ in how naturally social you are, each preference isn't really better or worse than the other, and one partner can't justify trying to force the other over to their side.

Before I get into some more specific stuff, the concepts from my more general articles on making friends are background reading.

You've likely seen them already, but if not here are the main ones: How To Make Friends And Get A Social Life How To Meet People Making Plans With People Everything I suggest below is with the full understanding that it often is harder to make friends when you're at the stage in your life where you've gotten married.

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