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Sea nettles trail long tentacles through the water as they drift with the ocean currents.When the tentacles touch prey, stinging cells shoot tiny harpoons filled with venom that paralyze their prey.A slimy mucus covers their skin and protects it from being grazed on rough surfaces.Moray eels spend the majority of the day hiding in crevices with only their heads protruding, as well as catching unsuspecting prey whilst hidden amongst crevices, they can be seen leaving the safety of their lairs to actively hunt for prey.With wide-set eyes, they have a large visual range which allows them to see almost 360 degrees.Specialized sensory organs, called ampullae of Lorenzini, are spread over their broad head allowing them to scan the sea floor for buried prey.These feisty fish live nestled among the tentacles of stinging anemones.

Interestingly each manta ray can be individually identified using the spot patterns on their bellies.Did you know all clownfish start their lives as males!These gentle giants are truly fascinating and captivating creatures.From there the prey is moved to the mouth-arms and eventually the mouth where it is digested.Once the prey has been transferred, the tentacles extend again to become fishing lines once more.

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With a wide, thick head shaped head with a double-headed hammer, it is easy to see where the name derives.

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