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i Tunes: The Database versus the Content Another important point to understand: There are really two components that we are concerned about in this process, and these are somewhat distinct from each other in terms of where and how they are stored.The i Tunes Library Database contains the actual index of your media content.We will therefore focus primarily on the steps required to move the i Tunes Music Folder to a new location, and briefly discuss moving the i Tunes Library Database later in this article.

Fortunately, if you understand this and use i Tunes and its related tools the way they were designed, you can ensure a smooth migration of your i Tunes library to an external hard drive or even a completely new computer with minimal problems.Tracks copied into the i Tunes Music Folder become “Managed” files (in that i Tunes will manage the location and naming of these files), whereas files that are not copied into the i Tunes Music folder are “Referenced” files—i Tunes stores a full path to the file, but does not actually take any further action with those files in terms of organizing, renaming, moving, or deleting those tracks.Note that content purchased from the i Tunes Store or ripped from CD is always stored in the i Tunes Music folder—those files have to go somewhere after all.Despite the name, this includes not only your music, but also audiobooks, TV shows, movies, podcasts and i Pod games—essentially all types of content managed by i Tunes.By default, this folder is named “i Tunes Music” and located as a sub-folder under the i Tunes Library Database folder, however this can be changed to any location you prefer via your i Tunes advanced preferences.

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Therefore, if you move a file, i Tunes will almost certainly lose track of that file, and the result will be a broken link in the i Tunes library.

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