Jt justin timberlake dating jessica biel

The superstars first met through mutual friends and got to know each other at a Golden Globes after-party in 2007.

Their instant chemistry apparently proved too much for JT's ex, actress Cameron Diaz–the star reportedly arranged for Timberlake to get her digits that evening, and while Timberlake insists he did all the leg work early in the relationship, sources close to the couple paint a different picture.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel seemed to be having a bad time on Tuesday.(I was extra AF as a child.) My poor mother — understandably disturbed by the sight of her young, emotionally rattled son — turned to me and said, “It’s gonna be all right.” But would it?I wasn’t sure — especially if my queen/goddess/life inspiration, Britney, was to blame. ” Then, this past August, my heart legit skipped several beats when Timbaland seemingly confirmed that he had produced or was, at least, working on a Britney and Justin duet.Well, as it turned out, she (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Britney and Justin — arguably the most cherished celebrity couple of all time — began dating in 1999, but pulled the plug on their relationship three years later amid reports that the “I’m a Slave 4 U” songstress cheated on her man with choreographer Wade Robson. To think that Justin ended up with Jessica Biel (sorry, but girl is kinda basic) and that Britney is currently dating a 24-year-old fitness model (Sam Asghari, I'm on to you, dude! (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Timbaland initially sparked collaboration rumors back in April when he liked a s--t-ton of throwback pics of Britney and Justin on Instagram, shortly after he hit the studio with the “Cry Me a River” crooner and fellow producers Danja, Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo.) just makes the former power couple's split all the more heartbreaking. No, they may never call each other “Pinky” and “Stinky” ever again, but there is hope that Britney and Justin might reunite in the near future. Also, around the same time, Justin’s mom, Lynn Harless, gave Britney and a few other Spears family members a follow on Insta, and liked a bunch of “Justney” #TBTs.

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