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The skull was broken and the bones had an orange/yellowish cast, a vitreous texture, and porous and compacted tissue.Aztecs have been known to boil down remains of some sacrificed victims to remove the flesh and place the skull in the tzompantli.In the month Tozoztontli (from March 14 to April 2) children were sacrificed to Coatlicue, Tlaloc, Chalchitlicue, Tona.In the month Hueytozoztli (from April 3 to April 22) a maid; a boy and a girl were sacrificed to Cintéotl, Chicomecacóatl, Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl.In History of the Things of New Spain Sahagún confesses he was aghast by the fact that, during the first month of the year, the child sacrifices were approved by their own parents, who also ate their children.In the month Atlacacauallo of the Aztec calendar (from February 2 to February 21 of the Gregorian Calendar) children and captives were sacrificed to the water deities, Tláloc, Chalchitlicue, and Ehécatl.The practice of child sacrifice in Pre-Columbian cultures, in particular Mesoamerican and South American cultures, is well documented both in the archaeological records and in written sources.The exact ideologies behind child sacrifice in different pre-Columbian cultures are unknown but it is often thought to have been performed in order to placate certain gods. The inert were-jaguar baby held by the central figure is seen by some as an indication of child sacrifice.

Although there is no incontrovertible evidence of child sacrifice in the Olmec civilization, full skeletons of newborn or unborn infants, as well as dismembered femurs and skulls, have been found at the El Manatí sacrificial bog.

For example, infant sacrifice would occur to satisfy supernatural beings who would have eaten the souls of more powerful people.

In one of these cases, Stela 11 in Piedras Negras, Guatemala, a sacrificed boy can be seen.

There are also skulls suggestive of child sacrifice dating to the Maya periods.

Mayanists believe that, like the Aztecs, the Maya performed child sacrifice in specific circumstances.

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