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My friend, who I’ll call Ken, a 33-year-old filmmaker, always uses protection, and over the years he has encountered women who put up a fight. If you tell a guy you’re going to leave unless he puts on a condom, he’s always going to put one on.“I was recently about to have sex with a girl that I really liked for the first time, but when I reached for the condom she literally experience; it’s not supposed to leave you with crippling anxiety that you’re pregnant or have a disease. In the third camp are the guys who try to argue you out of using protection and kill the moment.(The worst camp.) And in the fourth, you’ve got the guys who are condom incompetent: they spend fifteen minutes frantically running around the apartment trying to find one.“It’s funny, because it had the opposite effect the first time. You must have sex with three different girls a day.’ He had the finesse of a serial cheater. But realistically he was a nerd, so he’d probably just practiced on his own. According to Karen, it’s when a guy tries to persuade you not to use one.“If I have to leave my sexual headspace to be like ‘Hello, Protection! If we carry out a conversation longer than ‘Put on a condom,’ I’m too pissed off to care about sex, because I ultimately feel like the guy was trying to manipulate me into being unsafe.”It’s confusing that this has become an established dynamic: apparently, the girl is the one who cares about condoms, and the guy is just doing us a favor by wearing one. I’m the type of girl who passes out at sex parties. I considered explaining to this guy that, unfortunately, even if his insane logic actually held truth, my parents’ tax bracket still wouldn’t protect me from disease.

I’m not going to use this article to rant about the reasons why everyone should use protection.But we shouldn’t have to trick our partners into being safe.And I’m sick of hearing guys complain about lack of sensation, as if it feels better without a condom only for them.(It bears repeating here: Guys, if you wear a Magnum even though your dick is a normal size, the condom is baggy.So awkward.)But in all fairness, it’s not always the guy who’s being the idiot.

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