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After all, at the presence of Jesus and Mary, he leapt for joy in his mother’s womb (Lk. And it says that he rejoices to hear the bridegroom’s voice (Jn. In fact, John even baptized his cousin which launched Jesus’ public ministry, heralding the demise of John’s career. He was not the star of the show, only the best supporting actor. John may have been center-stage for a while, but now that the star had shown up, he knew it was time for him to slip quietly off to the dressing room.

“Make straight the way of the Lord”, says John the Baptist (John 1: 23). What’s that strident saint of the desert doing here, on Rejoice Sunday? Believe it or not, John the Baptist is the patron saint of spiritual joy. Crowds were coming to hear John from all over Israel before anyone even heard a peep out of the carpenter from Nazareth. When people came, ready to honor John as messiah, he set them straight.

Receiving one’s dignity and self-worth as a gift from God relieves us from this stressful burden.

Freed from the blinding compulsion to dominate, we can feel a sense of satisfaction when others recognize that God is God and honor him as such. Because repentance is all about humility and humility is all about freedom.

Topics/Questions covered in the show: What is ascetical theology?

What is the difference between ascetical theology and mystical theology?

Topics/Questions covered in the show: What is ascetical theology? Read More Throughout the centuries, there have been many variations of the Rosary as Christians adapted it to fit particular situations.

In Rosarium Virginis Mariae, Saint John Paul II proposed a renewed way of praying the Rosary, but he did not insist...

The humble man does not sheepishly look down on himself. The proud perpetually exalt themselves over others in hopes that this will provide a sense of worth and inner peace. Pride always comes before the fall, as it did in the Garden of Eden. Trying at every turn to affirm, exalt, and protect oneself is an exhausting enterprise.&url=https://illbehonest.com/content-god-designed-spiritual-gifts" The Lord designs some to specifically have a special calling to preach that is above and beyond the norm.It is God alone who knows how to create a preacher. It certainly is an honor to be chosen as “best man.” But the best man does not get the bride. He must increase and I must decrease.” The Baptist was joyful because he was humble. “My Spirit finds joy in God my Savior,” says the Virgin Mary (Luke 1: 47). Or to use John’s own example, he was like the best man at a wedding.

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